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Part of collection Biodiversity_Next 2019

Edited by Anne-Sophie Archambeau, Marie-Elise Lecoq, Cristina Villaverde, David Martin
Edited by Francisco Pando, Francisco Bonet
Edited by Anton Güntsch, Quentin Groom, Roger Hyam
Edited by Quentin Groom, Mathias Dillen, Pieter Huybrechts
Edited by Birgitta König-Ries, Edward Gilbert, Corinna Gries, Dagmar Triebel
Edited by Helen Hardy, Lawrence Livermore
Edited by Robert Guralnick, Ramona Walls, Anne Thessen
Edited by Vince Smith, Nicholas Rejack, Olaf Banki
Edited by Nicholas Rejack, Vince Smith, Olaf Banki

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