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Symposium: Biological Interaction Data - towards data standardization
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Edited by Antonio M. Saraiva, Jennifer Hammock, Quentin Groom
Scientists use a variety of methods to collect, record, and store biological interaction data (predator-prey, parasite-host, pollinator-plant, etc.). Uses for these data are equally diverse. For example, they could play an important role in building decision support systems for conservation and sustainable use in agriculture. Numerous efforts are underway to aggregate, organize, and efficiently disseminate these data. However, we lack a formal data standard to support this work. The goal of this symposium is to provide an opportunity, for those involved or interested in the digitization of biological interaction data, to share their experiences and ideas so that we can move forward and propose a biological interaction data standard. During the 2016 TDWG Conference, in Santa Clara de San Carlos, Costa Rica, a group of people gathered to start discussing this issue under the TDWG umbrella. The objective is to propose the creation of an Interest Group on Biological Interactions Data where this topic can be discussed within the biodiversity informatics community. During the symposium, we will provide an update on the group’s achievements as well as welcome other interested parties to present their work.
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