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Symposium: Biodiversity Data in Support of Climate Change Research
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Edited by Robert D. Stevenson
Long-term weather records indicate that our planet is warming and experiencing more severe weather events. Increasingly droughts, heat waves, flooding events and melting glaciers, ice cover and tundra are directly impacting humans. These changes reduce hunting and fishing success for First Nation Peoples, accentuate losses to agriculture production, create new patterns of disease outbreaks and modify ecosystem services.  Biodiversity data in the form of phenology records and species distribution shifts have helped to build evidence for the trajectories of climate change. In addition, biodiversity data are essential in understanding the myriad ways climate change is impacting organisms to ecosystems.  This symposium highlights examples of biodiversity data used to document climate change and to understand its consequences for the living world.
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Part of collection TDWG Proceedings 2017

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