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Conference Abstract
VicFlora: a dynamic, service-based Flora
expand article info Niels Klazenga
‡ Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
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VicFlora (, launched in September 2016, combines the Flora of Victoria and the Census of Vascular Plants of Victoria. VicFlora is used by government agencies, conservation agencies and consultancies: analytics indicate that on weekdays VicFlora is used by between 200 and 250 people.

Content of VicFlora can be updated inside the system, so changes will be live as soon as they are made, the keys coming from KeyBase and the maps using data from the Australasian Virtual Herbarium (AVH) and the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (VBA), both obtained through Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) web services. Corrections and value-adding to the maps are done through annotations.

There have been requests from government and consultancies for the ability to use content from VicFlora in their own applications. Therefore, web services have been created that give access to all content. New versions of VicFlora will use these same services. It is the intention that names and taxon concepts for VicFlora will be managed in the National Species Lists (NSL) and accessed through NSL web services.


Flora, services, annotations

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Niels Klazenga