Proceedings of TDWG : Conference Abstract
Conference Abstract
Talking beyond presence: 04 Symposium: Advances in data accessibility and data management for marine species occurrence data: Discussion Panel 1
expand article infoAndrew Sherin, Mary Kennedy§
‡ COINAtlantic Secretariat, Halifax, Canada
§ OBIS Canada, Dartmouth, Canada
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Talking beyond presence will be a panel discussion on vocabularies. Panelists will include the presenters in the fisrts session of the symposium and invited guest panelists (TBD)

Questions for discussion: What controlled vocabularies are required for data types related to species occurrence and associated measurements? Are there existing and / or developing vocabularies for these data types? Are there data types for which vocabularies need to be developed? If so, who are the best authorities to develop and/or manage these vocabularies?


controlled vocabularies

Presenting author

Mary Kennedy, Moderator

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