Proceedings of TDWG : Conference Abstract
Conference Abstract
Occurrences : Data resources and Biocache-hub
expand article infoCanadensys Network, Anne Bruneau§, Carole Sinou|, Jeremy Goimard|
‡ Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada
§ University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada
| Canadensys, Montreal (QC), Canada
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Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) [*1] framework is an open source infrastructure used to share biodiversity data through severals modules. Adding datasets in ALA is an important step that give access to occurrences. Setting of parameters needs to be accurate in order to correctly view occurrences. Biocache-hub [*2] is an interface that allows research on ingested occurrences by Biocache-store [*3]. It’s an advanced data explorer with filters.

This training will be divided in two parts. First part will provide tools and techniques to add datasets, from a csv local resource to a GBIF dataset DWC file, within the administration management of the Collectory module [*4]. It will also present the important steps to link occurrences with datasets and how to update a dataset. Second part, within user view, will present the access to occurrences and options available from a Simple search to a Spatial search.


Biocache-hub, Occurrences, Datasets, Atlas of Living Australia

Presenting author

Jeremy Goimard

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