Proceedings of TDWG : Conference Abstract
Conference Abstract
Agricultural Informatics Contributions to Biodiversity Science and Biodiversity Assessments
expand article infoGail Kampmeier, Cynthia Parr§, James A Macklin|
‡ University of Illinois, Champaign, United States of America
§ USDA, Beltsville, MD, United States of America
| Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Canada
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Agricultural biodiversity has long been ignored by the traditional biodiversity community and the aggregators of their data. The Arnaud et al. (2016) GBIF "Final Report of the Task Group on GBIF Data Fitness for Use in Agrobiodiversity," provided recommendations primarily regarding crops and their wild relatives, but did not address wider issues of crop pests (plant diseases and their vectors, arthropods) and management systems that affect the greater biodiversity of those crops. The Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) (2016) symposium, "Agricultural Biodiversity Standards & Semantics," highlighted the current status of agrobiodiversity data management and discussed major challenges in this field. This year’s symposium provides a progress report on addressing challenges such as crop management and experimental protocol standards and infraspecific taxonomic coverage. It dives deeper into trends in semantics and data mining for agriculture, and in application of standards to biodiversity assessments. This symposium provides specific examples where shared data management standards and practices across both basic and applied biodiversity research communities can lead to improved outcomes for both science and society. A discussion will follow the formal talks included in this symposium.


agrobiodiversity, crops, arthropods, biodiversity informatics, infraspecific taxa

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Open discussion amongst participants moderated by symposium organizers.


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