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Conference Abstract
Developing a Module for Generating Formalized Semantic Morphological Descriptions for Morph∙D∙Base
expand article infoSandra Meid, Roman Baum, Philipp Bhatty§, Peter Grobe§, Christian Köhler§, Björn Quast§, Lars Vogt
‡ Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, Germany
§ Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig, Bonn, Germany
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We demonstrate the early prototype of a new module for Morph∙D∙Base that allows the generation of highly formalized semantic morphological descriptions ( The resulting morphological descriptions follow the individuals-based Instance Anatomy data scheme (as opposed to the class-based Semantic Phenotypes data scheme). The module allows the description of a specimen's anatomy by generating a granular representation of the parts of the specimen to be described, using ontology-terms from known ontologies. This results in a hierarchy of parts and subparts (partonomy), which serves as organizational backbone of the entire description, with each part representing a section of the description to which you can navigate using the partonomy. The module allows the description of each part from the partonomy using (1) a set of formalized input forms, which also allow the specification of metadata for each input field, (2) a text-widget for providing conventional free-text descriptions, which can be semantically enriched through annotating them with ontology-terms of (user-)selected ontologies, and (3) an image-widget for linking images, which allows semantically enriching each image by specifying regions of interest and annotating them with ontology-terms of (user-)selected ontologies. This new module is based on SOCCOMAS, an application for semantic ontology-controlled Web-Content-Management-Systems that we are currently developing (


ontology, Morph∙D∙Base, morphology, formalized semantic morphological description, partonomy, metadata, free-text descriptions, semantic annotation, ontology-terms, ontology-controlled application, content management system, triple store, knowledge base, linked open data

Presenting author

Sandra Meid, Lars Vogt

Funding program

The work is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft:

Grant title

Digitalisierung / Erschließung von Objekten: eScience-konforme Standards für die Morphologie

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