Biodiversity Information Science and Standards : Conference Abstract
Conference Abstract
Mapping between Darwin Core and the Australian Biodiversity Information Standard: A linked data example
expand article infoMieke Strong, Piers Higgs§
‡ Gaia Resources, Brisbane, Australia
§ Gaia Resources, Perth, Australia
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The Australian Biodiversity Information Standard (ABIS) is a data standard that has been developed to represent and exchange biodiversity data expressed using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). ABIS has the TERN ontology at its core, which is a conceptual information model that represents plot-based ecological surveys. The RDF-linked data structure is self-describing, composed of “triples”. This format is quite different from tabular data. During the Australian federal government Biodiversity Data Repository pilot project, occurrence data in tabular Darwin Core format was converted into ABIS linked data. This lightning talk will describe the approach taken, the challenges that arose, and the ways in which data using Darwin Core terms can be represented in a different way using linked data technologies.


linked data, RDF, Darwin Core, data standards

Presenting author

Mieke Strong

Presented at

TDWG 2023

Hosting institution

Gaia Resources

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