Biodiversity Information Science and Standards : Conference Abstract
Conference Abstract
OpenObs: Living Atlases platform for French biodiversity data
expand article infoAlice Ainsa‡,§, Sophie Pamerlon‡,|, Anne-Sophie Archambeau‡,, Solène Robert§, Rémi Beauvieux‡,§
‡ GBIF France (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), Paris, France
§ MNHN (Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle), Paris, France
| OFB (Office français de la biodiversité), Paris, France
¶ IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement), Paris, France
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The OpenObs project, led by Patrinat, was launched in September 2017, and the first version of this tool was released in October 2020. OpenObs is based on the Atlas of Living Australia platform, supported by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) community, particularly the Living Atlases (LA) collective.

OpenObs enables the visualization and downloading of observation data on species available in the National Inventory of Natural Heritage (INPN), the national platform of SINP (Information System for the Inventory of Natural Heritage). It provides open access to non-sensitive public data and includes all available observations, whether they are occurrence or synthesis data.

As of July 2023, OpenObs has 134,922,015 observation records, and new data is reguarly added (at least twice a year). Furthermore, the project is constantly evolving with new developments planned, such as a user validation interface and new cartographic tools.

We will present the architecture of this LA-based national biodiversity portal (Fig. 1), as well as its planned new functionality and development roadmap.

Figure 1.

The different modules that constitute OpenObs include ALA platform modules as well as new modules developed as part of OpenObs itself. Figure credit: GBIF France as CC-BY.


data portal, occurrences, Living Atlases community, open data, system architecture

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Rémi Beauvieux

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TDWG 2023

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