Biodiversity Information Science and Standards : Conference Abstract
Conference Abstract
Restricted Access Species Data Systems: A starting point
expand article infoPiers Higgs, Cameron Slatyer§
‡ Gaia Resources, Perth, Australia
§ CSIRO, Atlas of Living Australia, Sydney, Australia
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Restricted access species data requires constrained shared access to meet conservation, legal and legislative requirements. Access to this data is essential for better evidenced-based decision-making; reduced regulatory timeframes and improved environmental and research outcomes.  The Restricted Access Species Data Service (RASDS)*1 was developed to accept, track and manage data use requests, passing enquiries to data custodians, and providing a conduit for data and legal agreements between custodians and requesters. For those data custodians who wish to delegate queries to the RASDS, the service will ensure that datasets are transformed, attributed, and Digital Object Identifiers and metadata are applied. The data service will also manage reporting on data use.  In this presentation we will demonstrate the RASDS, and discuss the future roadmap for the system. This abstract sets the scene for the rest of workshop and provides a starting point for the futher talks and discussions.


sensitive species, data

Presenting author

Piers Higgs

Presented at

TDWG 2023

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Gaia Resources

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