Taxonomic names and their usages are the key for unlocking host-virus interaction data. Flow of information from digitizing taxonomic treatments containing species names and their historical usages (Plazi and Zenodo), to searching biodiversity literature for data linked to names, to connecting those biotic interactions in an ecological network (GloBI). Data can also flow directly into GloBI from Pensoft-style journals that publish data with computer-readable tags.

  Part of: Upham NS, Agosti D, Poelen J, Penev L, Paul D, Reeder DM, Simmons NB, Csorba G, Groom Q, Dimitrova M, Miller JT (2020) Liberating Biodiversity Data From COVID-19 Lockdown: Toward a knowledge hub for mammal host-virus information. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 4: e59199.