The problem of taxonomic name/usage (TNU) ambiguity in biodiversity data. Two alternative usages (“1” and “2”) of a species name (“A”) are shown in their geospatial context as circumscribed by a set of georeferenced museum voucher specimens. Those usages were published as taxonomic opinions by given authors, both circumscribing name A for a species-level entity in different ways. Both usages share the same type specimen and locality (shown by a star) and thus the same name A, authority, and year. Name-based string matching is insufficient for parsing this type of TNU change unambiguously. Taxonomically intelligent methods, yet to be developed in a scalable fashion, are instead required.

  Part of: Sterner BW, Upham N, Sen A, Franz NM (2020) Avenues into Integration: Communicating taxonomic intelligence from sender to recipient. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 4: e59006.