Fitness, Data, and Use components used by the FFU Framework, where the data quality (DQ) profile describes the fitness for use (or purpose) of some data. The use is expressed as a use case, the data are an identified set of information elements with value for that use, and the fitness can be expressed through descriptions of how to measure the fitness, how to validate whether the values in information elements meet the needs of the use, and what means could improve data that are not fit for the use, but might be able to become so.

  Part of: Chapman AD, Belbin L, Zermoglio PF, Wieczorek J, Morris PJ, Nicholls M, Rees ER, Veiga AK, Thompson A, Saraiva AM, James SA, Gendreau C, Benson A, Schigel D (2020) Developing Standards for Improved Data Quality and for Selecting Fit for Use Biodiversity Data. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 4: e50889.