A screenshot of a UNITE SH Digital Object Identifier (DOI) page for Tomentella atroarenicolor (https://plutof.ut.ee/#/datacite/10.15156%2FBIO%2FSH009889.07FU). (A) The most accurate taxon name chosen automatically (or manually, if the default were overridden by an expert) from the available sequence identifications; (B) short ID of the DOI; (C) Data on reference sequence chosen to represent this SH; (D) placement of the SH in the fungal classification and identification records for individual sequences; the number after the taxon name indicates how many sequences carry that name. (E) Select statistics on the SH. The minimum distance 3.0% is the mandatory genetic difference between sister SHs. (F) Distribution map of the individual sequences. (G) Information on ecology (interacting taxa) if associated with the individual sequences. (H) DataCite-specific data on the DOI. (I) Images of the specimen or sample from which the DNA was extracted. Only a limited number of sequences have images attached to them. (J) Graphical overview of the SH with detailed information. (K) SH inclusiveness across sequence similarity threshold values. A threshold value (= minimum distance) of 1.5% will split these sequences into two SHs, shown here in different colours. (L) A threshold value of 2.5% will lump all sequences into a single SH. Each such SH is hyperlinked to its own unique web page. (M) Scrollable multiple sequence alignment of the SH. ‘RefSeq’ indicates that the sequence was selected manually to be the representative sequence for the SHs. RefSeqs stem from type specimens or other authentic and particularly trustworthy material. This particular SH contains both International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration sequences (brown) and sequences that are only found in UNITE (yellow).

  Part of: Kõljalg U, Abarenkov K, Nilsson R, Larsson K, Taylor A (2019) The UNITE Database for Molecular Identification and for Communicating Fungal Species. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 3: e37402. https://doi.org/10.3897/biss.3.37402