The structure of FinBIF comprises multi-source data mobilisation (grey segment), IT development for data management and distribution (brown), and cross-sectoral networking among data providers and users (red). Data providers, data-generating processes and collaborators (outermost, dark green circle) feed data and expertise to existing or FinBIF-produced primary databases (dark blue). From here data go through a standardisation and annotation process (light green) into the FinBIF data warehouse (light blue) to form one fit-for-use data mass. The portal / is the gateway to the harmonised data, accessible by end-users and channelled to international data-sharing systems through APIs.

  Part of: Schulman L, Juslén A, Lahti K (2019) FinBIF: An all-embracing, integrated, cross-sectoral biodiversity data infrastructure. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 3: e37253.