Schematic diagram showing linkages between the Event Core, the Occurrence Extension and the ExtendedMeasurementOrFact Extension. The IPT's enforcement of the star schema is not broken, but the DwC-A capability is extended with an additional link between both extensions for biotic measurements.

  Part of: De Pooter D, Appeltans W, Bailly N, Bristol S, Deneudt K, Eliezer M, Fujioka E, Giorgetti A, Goldstein P, Lewis M, Lipizer M, Mackay K, MarĂ­n M, MoncoiffĂ© G, Nikolopoulou S, Provoost P, Rauch S, Roubicek A, Torres C, van de Putte A, Vandepitte L, Vanhoorne B, Vinci M, Wambiji N, Watts D, Klein E, Hernandez F (2017) Expanding the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) beyond species occurrences. Proceedings of TDWG 1: e20196.